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Our genuine vanilla products from VanillaBazaar are made from the finest Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, and come in more varieties than you can shake a vanilla pod at! Whether you’re looking for vanilla seeds, pods, vanilla extract or powder, we've got you covered. These premium, high-grade vanilla products are specially created for bakers, chefs and chocolatiers, and give your desserts a true, authentic flavour of vanilla, no matter the application.  

Our Pure Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Powder is perfect for custards, crème patissiere, crème anglais and any other recipe where you’d prefer a dry ingredient. Purity Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract is ideal for cakes, cookies and other baked goods, while our vanilla pods and seeds make delicious and eye-catching ice cream and gelato!  

Looking for vanilla flavouring pastes and sauces? Browse our full range of vanilla and vanilla flavoured products, or chat to one of our friendly and helpful team. 

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Madagascan Vanilla Seeds



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£13.86 50g


Pure Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Powder


This powder is the result of pure Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar (vanilla Planifolia Andrews) crushed into powder....

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£11.25 20g jar


Premium Madagascan Vanilla Powder Jar

Organic & Fairtrade


Vanillabazaar's Premium Madagascan vanilla powder is totally pure and the only ingredient is vanilla pods. No bulkin...

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£178.75 500g jar


Premium Vanilla Pods; 10 Pod Glass Tube

Grade A Black Madagascan Vanilla; 17-20cm


This vanilla is perfect as a flavouring for bakers, chocolatiers, chefs and patisserie chefs alike! Why choose pre...

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£10.80 10 pod jar


Gourmet Vanilla Pods; 500g Tin (approx.125)

Grade A Black Madagascan Vanilla; 15-17cm


This item is a 'To order' item. Once ordered, it cannot be cancelled; please see our terms and conditions. Thes...

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£176.23 500g tin


Purity Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Extract

Almost Clear Liquid; No Alcohol


These specialist extracts are made through the latest patented extraction techniques where premium grade vanilla pods ha...

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£11.25 50ml