Mayku FormBox

Create your own unique, custom moulds with the revolutionary Mayku Formbox! This desktop vaccum former machine uses heat, vacuum suction and recyclable cast sheets to make one-off moulds from any item you choose, allowing you to turn everyday items into eye-catching and attention-grabbing products.

The cast sheets are transparent, flexible and food-safe, and they’re easy to cut so any excess can be removed, saving storage space. Each sheet costs approximately £1, so it’s more affordable than ever to create custom, personalised shapes for your customers.  

See how to use the Formbox in our video Making chocolate shells with the Mayku Formbox

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Mayku Form Box

Vacuum-formed mould maker


Introducing the Mayku Formbox – a desktop vacuum former machine. It opens up a world of possibilities for mak...

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£523.95 each


Mayku Cast Sheets for making reusable moulds

Clear, food-safe, 0.5mm PETG sheets


Recyclable sheets for use with the Mayku Form Box to make unique moulds.

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£31.88 30 sheets