Small, pink and white marshmallows are a classic confection, loved by kids and adults alike. Sprinkle them on your hot chocolate, stir into chocolate bars or mix into rocky road for a chewy, gooey texture and nostalgic flavour. Our mini marshmallows are produced by Mr Mallo, a Belgian manufacturer that has been creating traditional marshmallow treats since 1907. Starting out as an artisanal producer, Mr Mallo now produces more than 20,000 tonnes of marshmallows every year, from four sites across Europe.  

Marshmallows are one of the oldest types of confection, with the Ancient Egyptians enjoying sweets made from the marshmallow plant. And they’ve never been out of fashion since then! Made from three simple ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup and gelatine, Mr Mallo have perfected the recipe and production of fluffy, light marshmallow products that look and taste great, and will put a smile on your customers’ faces!  

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Mr Mallo

Pink and White Mini Marshmallows


A hot chocolate topping, rocky roads or the finishing touch on a gingerbread biscuit... The list is endless! W...

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