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Nut lovers will be thrilled by our comprehensive range of whole, ground, chopped and roasted nuts! With everything from blanched and sliced almonds to whole caramelised hazelnuts and desiccated coconut, we’ve got your nut product needs covered. Our ground almonds are perfect for rolling truffles, texturising chocolate or baking gluten-free recipes, and our nibbed hazelnuts are delicious sprinkled on ice cream and gelato! Our pecans, peanuts and pistachios add a wonderful taste and texture to chocolate bars, brownies, biscuits and traybakes, and our strip almonds and desiccated coconut are great for both sweet and savoury dishes.  

Looking for nut pastes or pralinés? Take a look at our range of Fillings and Flavourings, or speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team.  

Please note, some of these products are subject to VAT. 

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Keylink Essentials

Caramelised Granulated Peanuts


Add a sweet, nutty flavour and a lovely crunchy texture to your biscuits, traybakes and tarts. These caramelised granula...

In-stock: 266

£5.26 1kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Caramelised Coconut Flakes


Coconut flakes add a sweet, light crunch to cookies, meringues, pastries and cakes. These caramelised coconut flakes are...

In-stock: 271

£5.33 1kg bag


Chopped Roasted & Caramelised Almonds

Almonds 37% Sugar 63%


(Callebaut Code: NAN-CR-AL3724-T66)   Caramelised and roasted almond pieces (without skin) - ideal for rolling tru...

Out of stock: - Due in: 23rd Jul
(Please allow 2-3 days for dispatch)

£23.38 1kg bag


Caramelised Nibbed Hazelnuts

Tub; Hazels 37% Sugar 63% Fat 22.3%


(Callebaut Code: NAN-CR-HA3714-U11)   Caramelised and medium roasted hazelnut pieces. Ideal for rolling truffles i...

Out of stock - No ETA

£22.38 1kg bag


Caramelised Nibbed Hazelnuts

Tub; Hazels 37% Sugar 63% Fat 22.3%


(Callebaut Code: NAN-CR-H3714E0-T64)   Caramelised and medium roasted hazelnut pieces. Use to roll truffles in or...

In-stock: 14

£101.03 5kg bag
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Cacao Barry

Morella Origin Whole Caramelised Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts 70%; Sugar 30%


70% Origin Morella whole caramelised hazelnuts, carefully selected in the region of Tarragona, Spain. Ideal for adding t...

In-stock: 2

£34.21 1kg bag


Whole Pistachios

100% Pistachios; Shelled; Unpeeled


Pistachios are perfect for use in and on chocolate, in cereal bars, and for serving with desserts and ice cream.

In-stock: 50

£29.31 1kg bag


Whole Roasted Almonds

100% Almonds; Shelled


Whole, roasted, shelled almonds are perfect for using on chocolate bars or cereal bars.

In-stock: 13

£9.64 1kg bag


Roasted Nibbed Peanuts

100% Peanuts; 2-6mm; Blanched


Peanuts can be used on or in chocolate, in cereal bars, desserts, ice cream and savoury dishes.

In-stock: 14

£6.19 1kg bag


Pecan Nut Pieces

100% Pecans; 10-15mm


Pecan pieces can be used in or on chocolate, in cereal bars, ice cream and desserts.

In-stock: 28

£18.79 1kg bag


Desiccated Coconut

99.995% Coconut; 0.005% E220; 1-4mm


Desiccated coconut can be used in or on chocolate, in ice cream, desserts, or in savoury cooking.

In-stock: 63

£4.59 1kg bag


Ground Almonds

100% Almonds; 2-4mm; Blanched


Blanched ground almonds can be used for rolling truffles, to add texture to chocolate, or in desserts or ice cream.

In-stock: 96

£8.89 1kg bag


Whole Roasted Hazelnuts

100% Hazelnuts


Whole roast hazelnuts can be used in or on chocolate bars, in cereal bars, in ice cream and desserts.

In-stock: 67

£14.79 1kg box


Strip Almonds

100% Almonds; Blanched


Add a nutty crunch to your chocolate bars and brownies with these blanched strip almonds. 100% almonds, blanched and cu...

In-stock: 36

£10.20 1kg