Chocolate Sprinkles

Looking for chocolate sprinkles? You’re in the right place! Our range includes a variety of different shapes, sizes, tastes and colours, so no matter whether you’re decorating a cake, pastry or doughnut, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Callebaut’s Belgian chocolate splitters, also known as Hagelslag, are chocolate sprinkles that are ideal for adding texture and flavour to truffles, cakes and ice creams. These crunchy, glossy decorations come in dark chocolate and milk chocolate, and are naturally polished with an irregular, semi-rectangular shape. 

Chocolate vermicelli are shiny, chocolatey sprinkles that look and taste fantastic on truffles, hot chocolate, gelato and ice cream. Made from Callebaut’s real Belgian chocolate, with an elegant high-shine finish, they’re some of the finest quality toppings you can buy. Also called chocolate strands, these glossy, delicious chocolate decorations are available in milk chocolate and white chocolate. Perfect for cake decoration, sprinkling on ice cream sundaes and rolling ganache truffles.  

Like vermicelli and splitters, scaglietti are small, shiny chocolate flakes that can be used to decorate truffles, cakes and pastries. It’s also ideal for stirring through or sprinkling onto ice cream and gelato to add a crunchy texture and delicious chocolate taste. Available in dark or milk chocolate flavour, these glossy, irregular shaped pieces of real chocolate are an elegant way to finish off any chocolate, sundae, patisserie or dessert.  

Mona Lisa Studio’s Crispearls are little balls of toasted biscuit covered in Callebaut’s finest quality Belgian chocolate couverture. Available in five delicious flavours: milk, dark, white, ruby and gold (white chocolate with a dash of salted caramel), these crunchy beads are heavenly sprinkled on cakes, donuts, chocolate mousse, ice cream, and even hot chocolate! Crispearls add a pop of colour and a crispy texture to your culinary creations, with the taste of real Belgian chocolate. Perfect for fat-based applications, Crispearls will stay crunchy thanks to their chocolate coating.  

Looking for something slightly different? Take a look at our full range of chocolate inclusions and decorations. Need something bakestable? We’ve got you covered! 

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Keylink Essentials

Milk Vermicelli


Milk chocolate flavoured sprinkles that add a delightfully crunchy texture and a real cocoa taste to any pastry, ca...

In-stock: 46

£23.35 5kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Dark Vermicelli


With a glossy finish and dark chocolate taste, this crispy chocolate flavoured Vermicelli is super for adding a little c...

In-stock: 47

£24.07 5kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Dark Scaglietti


Chocolate Scaglietti adds a crunchy texture to doughnuts, cakes or desserts! Simply sprinkle over your desserts and...

In-stock: 50

£23.50 5kg bag

Mona Lisa

Milk Chocolate Vermicelli

Bag; Cocoa Solids 27.7% Sugar 55.5% M/S 13.6%; CHM-VR-1Z3-E0-U72


Callebaut's Milk Chocolate Vermicelli is made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate, with a high gloss exterior...

In-stock: 12

£74.13 5kg bag

Mona Lisa

White Chocolate Vermicelli

Bag; Cocoa Solids 23.5% Sugar 55.5%; CHK-W-445


Callebaut's White Chocolate Vermicelli is made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate, with a deep gloss exterior...

In-stock: 14

£15.49 1kg bag

Mona Lisa

Crispearls in Gold Chocolate

Approx 4mm dia


Mona Lisa Gold Crispearls are crispy balls of happy coated in the incredible moreish Gold chocolate! Sprinkle them...

In-stock: 116

£18.56 800g bag

Mona Lisa

Dark Chocolate Splitters

1.5-2.7mm; Cocoa Solids 39.5% Sugar 58%


Dark chocolate splitters add chocolatey texture. Roll truffles in them, use them to decorate chocolate bars, or serve on...

In-stock: 15

£60.84 5kg bag

Mona Lisa

Crispearls in Dark Chocolate

Approx 4mm diameter


Dark chocolate Crispearls™ are tiny in size, but giant in taste! These small beads in delicious 811 dark chocolate...

In-stock: 153

£16.50 800g bag

Mona Lisa

Crispearls in White Chocolate

Approx 4mm diameter


White chocolate Crispearls™ combine Callebaut's W2 chocolate with a crispy heart of toasted biscuit. They'...

Out of stock - No ETA

£16.69 800g bag

Mona Lisa

Crispearls in Milk Chocolate

Approx 4mm dia


Milk chocolate Crispearls™ combine Callebaut's 823 milk chocolate with a crispy heart of toasted biscuit. They...

In-stock: 412

£17.01 800g bag

Mona Lisa

Crispearls in Ruby Chocolate

Approx 4mm dia


Ruby chocolate Crispearls™ combine Callebaut's ruby chocolate with a crispy heart of toasted biscuit. They'...

In-stock: 35

£18.45 800g bag


Milk Chocolate Splitters

Chocolate Flakes; 4mm Square; Cocoa Solids 29.5%, Sugar 55%, M/S 15%


With Milk Chocolate Splitters, you can top off your creations with shimmering, crunchy bits of chocolate that highlight...

In-stock: 39

£13.94 1kg tub