Cocoa Mass

What is cocoa mass? Also known as chocolate liquor, cocoa mass is a combination of cocoa butter and cocoa solids, produced by grinding cacao nibs. Cocoa mass is a pure, unsweetened form of chocolate, allowing you to add intensity to the flavour and colour of your chocolate creations. It’s also perfect for adding to ganache, praliné and ice cream, giving a strong cocoa taste and deep chocolate colour to your sweet treats.  

100% plant-based and dairy-free, you could even use cocoa mass to create your own vegan chocolate flavoured range, using dairy-alternatives. The possibilities are endless!  

Not quite sure if cocoa mass is right for you? Our friendly team are always happy to chat and help you find what you’re looking for. 

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Luker Chocolate

Luker Chocolate; Cocoa Mass

100% Pure; Colombian

SCC9932 (previously SCC932)

Fine chocolate mass Made from Colombian fino de aroma cocoa beans (known as fine flavour, only the top 7-8% of the worl...

In-stock: 29

£17.97 1kg bag


Cocoa Mass (Unsweetened)

Chips; Cocoa Solids 100%; Fat 54%

SCC1399B (previously SCC399B)

Soul of the chocolate This unsweetened, natural cocoa flavour mass is the ‘soul of the chocolate’ and is an...

In-stock: 16

£356.92 20kg box


Cocoa Mass

Chips; Cocoa Solids 100%; Fat 53%

SCC1400 (previously SCC400)

100% pure cocoa Made from roasted beans and ground into a smooth homogeneous liquor, this mass is great for fine tuning...

In-stock: 7

£42.32 2.5kg box