Hollow Chocolate Cups

If you're wondering where to buy empty chocolate cups, look no further! These assorted chocolate cups and shapes from leading brands like Callebaut, Cacao Barry and Mona Lisa Studio are incredibly versatile, easy-to-use and delicious! Made from finest Belgian chocolate in dark, milk and white – and even marbled – and a variety of shapes and sizes, there’s a hollow chocolate cup for every application. 

Fill our chocolate walnut halves with gianduja or hazelnut crème, or whip up a creamy, coffee-flavoured ganache for our hollow cream cups. And go all out by designing a whole range of delicious fillings and elaborate decorations for our snobinettes and petits fours chocolate cups! 

The sky is the limit, simply pipe in your chosen filling, enrobe (if required) and your display will be looking magnificent in no time! 

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Our friendly team are available for a chat and will be happy to help! 

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Dark Chocolate Square Cups

Weight 3.7g, L 25mm, W 25 mm, H 14mm


Superb squares! Chocolate squares are a fantastic option for a presentation chocolate. As they are hollow it gives you...

In-stock: 27

£73.38 Box of 693


Milk Chocolate Square Cups

Weight 3.7g, L 25mm, W 25 mm, H 14mm


Stylish squares! These milk chocolate squares are a fabulous way to show off your decorating and piping skills, as they...

In-stock: 15

£60.51 Box of 693


Dark Chocolate Round Cups

Weight 3.5g, Diameter 28mm, Height 15mm


Rich, round cups Dark chocolate cups are a fantastic way to showcase your creative design skills whilst utilising the r...

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£70.64 Box of 693


Milk Chocolate Round Cups

Weight 3.5g, Diameter 28mm, Height 15mm


Reliable round cups These round milk chocolate cups are a fabulous way to showcase your fillings (from ganache to griot...

In-stock: 117

£58.17 Box of 693

Mona Lisa

Callebaut Dark Chocolate Small Carved Cups

Weight 4.8g, Diameter 27/23mm, Height 26mm; 1.3kg pack


A little rough around the edges With a jagged edge, these cups offer up a rustic look, perfect for more traditional rec...

In-stock: 36

£75.55 Box of 270

Mona Lisa

Callebaut Marbled Small Carved Cups

Cocoa Solids 40.5%; Weight 4.8g, Diameter 27/23mm, Height 26mm


It’s got go faster stripes!  In all seriousness, the streak of white chocolate in these cups adds is a great...

In-stock: 4

£78.12 Box of 270

Mona Lisa

Dark Chocolate Snobinettes Cups

26mm high x 27mm dia; 13ml


With a crimped edge effect These cups are a fabulous option for those in need of a slightly more abstract design. We pe...

In-stock: 96

£23.03 Box of 90

Mona Lisa

Dark Chocolate Mini Snobinettes Cups

21mm high x 27mm dia


Little cups! They do say good things come in small packages, and these mini cups are no exception. A fantastic option f...

In-stock: 35

£25.09 Box of 90