Cocoa Nibs

What is a cocoa nib? Cacao nibs are simply crushed cacao beans, but their intense and bitter flavour make them a wonderfully versatile and flavourful ingredient, that packs a real punch! Full of antioxidants and highly nutritious, they’ve been labelled a superfood, but with their strong dark chocolate taste, they’re also delicious. Toss a handful in your morning smoothie, or stir into cereal for a breakfast-time boost, or sprinkle on hot chocolate with whipped cream for a decadent treat.  

Alternatively, chocolate nibs can be baked into pastries, cookies and cakes or mixed into chocolate and nut pralinés and giandujas for an extra cocoa hit.  

For more ideas on how to use cocoa nibs, read our blog The Curious Case of the Crunchy Cacao Nib.  

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Luker Chocolate

Luker Chocolate; Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Pure Fino de Aroma Nibs

SCC9941 (previously SCC941)

An intense yet balanced experience Made from pure fino de aroma cacao nibs (known as fine flavour, only the top 7-8% of...

In-stock: 66

£21.55 1kg bag


Callebaut Cocoa Nibs

SCC1417C (previously SCC417C)

Classic Callebaut composition With an all-round flavour profile and a balanced cocoa taste, these nibs are a fantastic...

In-stock: 258

£16.33 800g bag