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Premium vanilla products from Madagascar.



Add a splash of sweet warmth to your creations.

Premium Quality Madagascan Vanilla.

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Introducing VanillaBazaar

A family run business that started in the UK over a decade ago, VanillaBazaar offer only the highest quality Madagascan vanilla in seed, powder, pod and extract form, covering chocolatier, bakery and cheffing requirements!

It was the owner Sakina’s vision to open the eyes of the UK market to high quality, fairly priced vanilla products from her birthplace, Madagascar. And to this day, VanillaBazaar still offer their fine vanilla products in all their forms with consistent quality.

Various Vanillas

The classic extract offers some of the purest vanilla, while their pods retain that classic fresh flavour. Or, for the bakeries, vanilla powder is also available ready to mix straight in with your dry ingredients! Or maybe you just feel like making some good ol’ custard? VanillaBazaar has a vanilla product for every application.

Ethics & Sustainability

Their vanilla is sourced directly through their plantation agents, and as such, the savings for doing this are passed onto the customer, whilst ensuring the farmers income and quality of life is not compromised.

However for VanillaBazaar, this wasn’t enough, they went one step further by being both Fairtrade and Organic certified!

vanilla powder vanillabazaar

Powdered Perfection

Pure, powdered vanilla pods, perfect for making an exceptional Madagascan vanilla custard. Fabulous on a fruit crumble!

vanilla extract vanillabazaar

Intensely Delicious

This Purity Madagascan Bourbon vanilla extract combines premium grade vanilla pods with invert sugar for an intense vanilla taste.

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Vanilla in all its natural glory.

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