The Blond Chocolate Bakery Trend

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Customers Prefer Blonds: Give Your Bakery a Glow Up with Blond Chocolate

Blond chocolate has been around for a while now, but it’s been growing in popularity the last couple of years thanks to social media.  

What is blond chocolate, I hear you ask? Well, it can be made one of two ways, either by cooking white chocolate at a low temperature until the sugars caramelise, or by making your white chocolate with pre-caramelised sugar. The result is the same, a creamy smooth white chocolate with a warm colour and caramel flavours.  

But we’re not here to talk about the ins and outs of chocolate today. We’re here to show you how you can bring the blond chocolate trend to your bakery business and capture your customers’ attention. Let’s dig in… 

by Lyndsey Hall

21 May 2024

The Genuine Article

A little bit of luxury goes a long way, especially when it comes to chocolate. When in doubt, add a touch of real blond chocolate to your bakery products to really wow your customers and give your products a decadent finish. 

We love Valrhona’s Dulcey blond chocolate, Cacao Barry’s Zephyr Caramel, Callebaut’s Gold chocolate and the brand new Veliche Gourmet Euphoria for a delicious drizzle, thin coating or even a silky ganache or buttercream to top and fill cakes and pastries. 

Full of Promise

Pipe the mouthwatering taste of caramel and white chocolate straight into your cupcakes and traybakes with Callebaut’s incredibly versatile, post-bake Gold Crema. This range of fillings is perfect for pastries, tarts, croissants, doughnuts and more, whether you use it as a filling, topping or both! 

Prefer a more subtle nod to the blond chocolate craze? Why not go straight for a caramel filling, and use white compound coating to create a scrumptious topping? With the look and taste of white chocolate, but without the need for tempering, compound coatings are a baker’s dream! 

Dressed to the Nines

Now you’ve got the substance sorted, it’s time to add a little style! Visual flair is key for trend-led bakery items, ensuring your social media savvy customers won’t be able to resist posting a pic of their purchase. 

Our new range of liquid chocolate sauces is ideal, especially Liquid Gold Caramel Sauce. It’s a truly decadent caramel sauce that can be spooned, piped or poured over your blond chocolate bakes to devastatingly delicious effect. 

Sprinkle with either Caramel Blossoms or Gold Chocolate Crispearls, et voila! Your new range of blond chocolate bakes, cakes and cookies is ready for the spotlight. 

And don’t forget the drinks! Blond chocolate isn’t just for eating, you can whip up a sumptuous hot or cold chocolate drink using Van Houten’s Gold Chocolate Drink Powder. Take a look at our Recipe section for a whole menu of moreish chocolate and coffee drinks. 

We’d love to see your blond bakes, send us an email or tag us on social media @keylinkbakery

Lyndsey is a marketing executive, writer and lover of books and chocolate from Sheffield.

Her favourite chocolate is Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure.