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Chocolate Craft

Van Houten

From bean to powder, all the way to the taste buds of your customers. Van Houten were the pioneers of chocolate craft and have been perfecting their methods ever since 1828.

Indulgent chocolate drinks made from 100% real Belgian chocolate.

Discover the five colours of chocolate.

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Introducing Van Houten

Van Houten has been manufacturing, innovating and pushing the boundaries of chocolate craft since 1828, when Coenraad van Houten pioneered the cocoa press. His son later invented the well-known and still used dutching process, which turned cocoa drinks from bitter powders into the delicious chocolate drinks we know today. And Van Houten isn’t done innovating yet. 

Now part of the Barry Callebaut group, they offer the finest quality ground chocolate drink powders for retail, vending and HoReCa. Made from sustainably sourced cacao, with excellent solubility, they make smooth and decadent chocolate drinks that are perfect hot, ice-cold or even frozen! 

Chocolate Drink Powders

Van Houten’s chocolate drink powders are made from 100% real Belgian chocolate, and make indulgent chocolate drinks, hot or cold. They can be used with either dairy or plant milks, allowing you to offer a vegan option to your customers. Available in five different colours – dark, milk, white, ruby and gold – there’s something for every taste and preference. 

These high-quality chocolate drink powders can be used to create on-trend hot chocolates, mochas, iced lattes, frappés, milkshakes – and so much more – allowing you to expand your chocolate offering and keep your customers coming back all year long.

Ethics and sustainability

Through the Cocoa Horizons initiative, Van Houten and the whole Barry Callebaut group are helping farmers build self-sustaining cocoa communities that protect both nature and the cocoa workers and their families. 

Their 3 main aims focus on helping farmers to grow their businesses and improve their livelihoods, protecting children with a zero-tolerance policy for child labour, and reducing carbon emissions by ensuring their cocoa is harvested in a sustainable way. So, you can rest assured that with Van Houten, you’re getting a premium product that’s helping to make the cocoa industry a fairer, more sustainable place for future generations. 

Mindful Indulgence

Van Houten Gold chocolate drink powder combines caramel chocolate with notes of toffee, butter and cream. The 5th colour of chocolate is here to provide a whole new level of comfort.

Conscious Consumption

Rich and sweet with hints of vanilla and caramel, Van Houten White chocolate drink powder combines intense indulgence with a velvety mouthfeel. Perfect for mixing with espresso.

Get Inspired

Create delicious hot and cold chocolate drinks using Van Houten.

Take a look at our Recipe Book in the Resources Hub for ideas.

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