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Stewart & Arnold

Inspired by their vision of great British Chocolate, in 1945 William Stewart and Dr. Arnold Spicer created a Chocolate Factory in the small town of High Wycombe.

Over 70 years later, Stewart & Arnold is now produced in the historic market town of Banbury, bordering the Cotswolds and in the heart of the British countryside.

A range of classic chocolate couvertures, for the discerning palate.

Discover the taste of Great Britain.

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Introducing Stewart & Arnold

Stewart & Arnold have been delighting British customers with their quality chocolate since 1945, and are now part of the Barry Callebaut family of companies. Originating in High Wycombe and now produced in the historic market town of Banbury, in the heart of the British countryside, these chocolates are specifically tailored to the British palate, with a rounded flavour and smooth mouthfeel.

Combining the best in Belgian tradition with Great British values, and the finest quality West African cocoa beans, Stewart & Arnold’s range of chocolate couvertures will appeal to UK customers and those looking for a quintessentially British chocolate experience.

British Chocolate Couverture

Made with ethically grown cacao from West Africa, locally produced British milk and sustainably sourced Bourbon vanilla, Stewart & Arnold’s range of couvertures boasts a variety of flavour profiles and is perfect for many applications.

From the sweet, creamy white chocolate with notes of vanilla, to the smooth cocoa and caramel taste of the 35% milk chocolate, and the intense roasted cocoa flavour of the 55% and 70% dark chocolates, there’s an array of classic and contemporary flavour pairings that you can experiment with!

Ethics & Sustainability

As a Barry Callebaut group member, Stewart & Arnold are part of the Cocoa Horizon programme, which aims to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through sustainable farming and the protection of both nature and children. By eradicating child labour and deforestation, and focusing on its three pillars of productivity, community and the environment, Cocoa Horizons is working towards a better future for the cocoa industry as a whole. 

Stewart and Arnold white chocolate

Vanilla and Cream

Stewart & Arnold's White Chocolate Couverture possesses sweet, creamy notes with hints of vanilla. The perfect white chocolate for blondies, cookies and cakes.

Caramel and Cocoa

The Milk and Dark Chocolate Couvertures boast smooth, roasted cocoa flavours, growing in intensity with the cocoa percentage. Ideal for brownies and ganaches!

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