Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie

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Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie

The Rémy Cointreau group has always supported catering professions around the world. And it all started with the creation of the famous orange liqueur in the patisserie of Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau as they looked for something to flavour their desserts and chocolates!

Culinary alcohols for chefs and chocolatiers.

Add a little je ne sais quoi.

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Introducing Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie

Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie brings together several brands from the Rémy Cointreau group to offer a portfolio of outstanding spirits specifically designed for patisserie, chocolaterie, catering and the food industry. Each unique brand brings its own history and expertise, and all share the same dedication to excellence. 

Beginning in Angers, France in 1849, in the patisserie of Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau, as they searched for a way to flavour their pastries, desserts and chocolates. Cointreau is now one of the most well known brands worldwide, thanks to its exceptional quality and unique blend of sweet and bitter oranges.

Then, in 1886, St. Rémy was born, soon becoming the most popular French brandy in the world – a title it still holds to this day. And the rest, as they say, is histoire!

Premium Culinary Alcohols

Cointreau and St. Remy XO are joined by a wide variety of premium liqueurs, each of which has been refined and perfected for use in cooking and chocolatiering. Including Amaretto, “Iles du Vent” Rhum, Jacobert Kirsch, Pere Jacobert, and Mount Gay Rum.

Culinary alcohols are much stronger than their retail counterparts, with a higher percentage of alcohol and a more intense flavour and aroma. They’re incredibly economical, allowing for a much lower dosage, and not only impart flavour and intensity to any dish, but they also increase shelf life and improve stability.

They enhance and improve the taste and flavour of your creations, even in tiny doses, meaning you don’t need to create an alcoholic range in order to use these products. With the right amount, your customers won’t recognise the addition, but they’ll notice the delicious results.

Cointreau culinary alcohol

The World's Finest Triple Sec

The original flavour of Cointreau orange liqueur, intensified for use in cooking and chocolatiering. Add a zing of orange flavour to your cremes and ganache.

St Remy brandy culinary alcohol

The Number One French Brandy

St. Rémy XO is produced from grapes grown in some of the most prestigious vineyards in France. Add a splash of tradition to your butters and bakes.

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