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Want a delicious flavour that lingers on the tongue? Colac has a huge range of flavours for all of your desserts and cream preparations. They optimise all of their products and select their raw materials with care, allowing them to guarantee top quality at all times.

Flavouring compounds and sauces for chocolate, ice cream and bakery.

Add a splash of fun to everything you make.

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Introducing Colac

Colas was founded in 1981, and was the first company in the world to launch a unique ice cream paste that was used as a base to create high quality ice creams. By the 1990s, they had grown and begun working with traditional and organic fruit preparations. 

Colac’s drive to be the market leader in dessert sauces has seen them continue to expand and branch out into new ways to flavour your confections, baked goods and desserts.

Ethics & Sustainability

For their products that use cocoa, Colac ensure they use Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa. The Rainforest Alliance certification means that the product or ingredient was created using methods that support social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Flavour Compounds & Toppings

Their compound range is a popular option for ice cream makers and chocolatiers alike. It gives freedom for a wealth of flavouring additions with the straightforward method of simply adding and mixing to your chocolate or ice cream.

Colac’s topping range includes the classic squeezy topping (though with a standout flavour and variety) and sundae toppings offering chunky fruit pieces in a rich sauce.

Ice Cream Base Mixes

Their bases provide the foundation for high quality ice cream, with neutral and flavoured options. Perfect for a ready made mix or for combining with their premium compound flavourings.

colac sundae topping

Delectable Sundae Toppings

The Colac sundae topping range offers an easy, tasty solution for finishing your ice cream products. Simply add a scoop of sundae topping for a sumptuous pudding.

Colac hazelnut topping sauce

Divine Topping Sauces

Cheesecake, ice cream cones, the possibilities are endless! And with a no-drip cap, the Colac topping sauces are a breeze to use.

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